Saturday, April 25, 2009

Watching Too Many Old Movies

Feeling lucky, punk? Go ahead. Make my day. Contact me.

-Old Gargoyle


Jennifer said...

If only you would jettison your stupid aol address! Surely now you have a gmail account. In that case, look up your long-lost daughter on STM's website and drop her a line.

With love and eternal vexation,


Heather Vigee Gardner said...

Dr. Bollich,
You came to mind while I was watching 2001 A Space Odyssey last week. In the absence of my class notes, I sat watching the moving while googling for interpretations. I have watched it several times since high school & think of your class every time. I do wish I remembered more of my time in your class...but alas, the brain cells fail me. FYI- my husband's a teacher, somewhat beloved for his quirky sense of humor- although you likely have him beat in the quirky dept. :-) My appreciation for your profession is profound. Best regards to you and your family, Heather Vigee Gardner, class of 1987

Karl G. said...

In response to above:

Heather, just remember that the monolith represents an angel.

Karl Goellner
Class of 1985