Thursday, December 10, 2009

Quantum Physics

As you know, I love irony. Irony is President Obama accepting the Nobel Peace Prize while simultaneously expanding winless wars. But who am I to talk? I myself believe that God is simultaneously immanent and transcendent; that Sarah Palin is simultaneously as cute as a button and as dumb as a door nail; and that the Three Stooges were simultaneously funny and a threat to the American way of life.

-Old Gargoyle


Jennifer said...

Review your literary terms, mon cher. Palin's being simultaneously cute and dumb does not irony make. Katie Couric leaps readily to mind.

Now your pointing out the irony of Obama's award and not knowing the meaning of irony is...what's the word?

With love and pedantry,

P.S. Refresh my memory here. Is the idea that God is simultaneously immanent and transcendent a Christian idea? This is not a rhetorical question. It seems like I remember that being a fringe Jewish theory.

FormerStudent#32 said...

As you continually point out, cuteness and smarts are mutually exclusive (all your bleach blond references) so really no irony there with Palin.
Do you think the blond phenomenon is only related to bleached or does that extend to natural blonds too?

Yes the three stooges... why do you think they kept having to switch out that third member?... because the CIA kept taking him out...

Jennifer said...

"seems like I remember that being a fringe Jewish theory"

I guess one could make the argument that Christianity was itself a fringe Jewish theory, huh?

Old Gargoyle said...

Well, Jennifer, I guess we could say that from the Jews' viewpoint Christianity was a fringe theory--ha.

And yes, older Judaism considered God to be primarily transcendent and secondarily immanent through angels, prophets, and nature miracles. Modern Judaism in general hardly assigns any immanence to God. Christianity, meanwhile, has maintained more or less a balance between the deity's transcendence and immanence. The medieval era saw Christians exaggerating his t.; this emphasis has lasted into the modern era, with an emphasis on his i. given in only the last forty or so years.

Now I want you to introduce yourself to, and somehow meet, FormerStudent#32.

FormerStudent#32 said...

Jennifer, you can contact me at

DB: Our 8 week Sermon Evaluation begins this week... I expect to hear an analysis of the speaker from you...

Old Gargoyle said...

You're killing me here, FormerStudent#32, you're killing me here.