Monday, October 26, 2009

Death, Where Is Thy Sting?

Here's a test I was sent. Reader, see if you can pass it:

Susan, while attending the wake of her mother in the funeral home, met a man there whom she (Susan) didn't know about and never had met. The man fascinated Susan to the point that she thought she was quickly falling in love with him. Unfortunately, she forgot to ask his name, phone number, etc., and after a while he left without her knowing it, and he never returned to the funeral. A few days later, Susan murdered her own sister.

Why did Susan murder her sister?



Gonflé said...

Susan left the wake in a fitful state of tremendous desire. She spent the ensuing nights thinking about nothing but the intoxicating male stranger.

Even her sister, Peggy, who had been staying with Susan ever since she split with her husband was at a loss to console her.

"Come on now, Susan" she would say. "If it was meant to be, you'll run into him again."

The following Sunday, a few days after the wake, she rose in the morning determined to calm her nerves with the NY Times crossword.

The crossword had always calmed her. That's why she had subscribed to the Times for years. She didn't care about the news so much, and she certainly didn't read the business section.

Ever since Peggy had come to stay with her, she felt a Peggy, an early riser, would often get to the newspaper first and Susan found that waking to a rumpled, once-read newspaper wasn't quite as calming as finding it pristine and well-folded on the lawn.

Still, Peggy was her sister and she would make do. After all, the poor girl's husband had left her for some pretty young thing across the country in Seine, Delaware.

She went downstairs and made herself some coffee. She sifted through the wreckage of the paper and found the warm friendly glow of the NYT Magazine.

When she opened the magazine to the crossword only discover that Peggy had, once again, beaten her to it, she went upstairs and stabbed that bitch in the chest.

Old Gargoyle said...

Er, wow! Maybe your latest cup of tea was Morrocan or something. But, no, that's not the answer. (And, believe me, there are no "pretty young things" in Seine.)

The Cajun Gal said...

O.o I'm so bad at these things.

tkeok231 said...

She theorized that if the man knew her mother, he surely would know her sister and therefore attend her sisters wake...

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