Friday, October 30, 2009

Contest Winner?

We already have a winner for the "Death, Where Is Thy Sting?" contest (see the blog below). The correct answer was sent by reader tkeok231 in his or her comment attached to that blog---namely, the woman would think that the man, whom she met at the funeral and wanted to see again, logically would come again to another funeral by that family, in this case the funeral of the sister; and when he would, the woman would finally ask his name, etc.

But is tkeok231 really the winner? Will he or she really have the all-expense paid visit to my house where we can both be in Seine? Any winner of this contest question is, in a certain sense, to be avoided. Why? Because the contest question is a psychologist's test. The psychologist, a criminal profiler, theorizes that the "correct" answer would be quickly thought by someone prone to murder. So, tkeok231, I'm sure you're a, er, nice person, but since you're a potential serial killer, I'm chopping your airplane ticket into my rabbit stew as we speak.

-Old Gargoyle

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tkeok231 said...

I will accept my fate in the contest...