Friday, March 13, 2009

Snuffy Smith

A person's style of his or her own signature is something which no one may control. Some young Americans, though, write their "signature" in print. But a printed name is not a signature; a signature is by definition scripted. One reason for this is the ease by which a printed name can be forged; it's more difficult to do so to a scripted name. If you have a European-born friend, notice how probably his signature is much more illegible, much more artistic or abstract than the typical American's. He signs his name in that manner because, I've read, he's reflecting the historical-cultural background of old Europe in which forgeries of personal names were common; in order to make such forgeries more difficult, Europeans created eccentric styles for name signing. Nor may others---except probably one's own family---control the pronunciation of one's family name.

In light of this, I'm hereby officially changing my signature to a smiley face with the smile turned upside down as a frowny mouth; and I'm pronouncing my fourteen-letter last name and my "Gargoyle" honorary last name together as "Smith." Address all future correspondence thusly.

-: ( Smith

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