Monday, January 5, 2009

The Lady Refuses To Sing the Blues

Another year! I've been spending the first few days of the new year listening to the blues channel on the television's all-music channel. Any friend of the blues is a friend of mine. I favor the old-timers, as I've mentioned before: Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, Lightning Hopkins, Big Joe Turner, John Lee Hooker, Bobby Bland, Dinah Washington, etc.

"Why do you play that kind of music day and night?" the little woman asked me today.

I replied, "The blues is ['blues' is used in the singular, not the plural, as far as I know] the psychosocial expression of the basic existential human condition. It captures the raw, negative emotion experienced by harsh limitations on the human spirit---so apt for the closure of the past year and in anticipation of the new one."

"You're crazy," she replied.

Jonka is an optimist.

-Old Gargoyle

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